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Crawl Space Clean Up in Lawrenceville: We specialize in solving crawl space issues of all types - including problems related to moldy, rotting crawl spaces. While many homeowners do not acces their crawl space regularly or use it for storage. If you have a vented crawl space, you can count on 40% of the air in your home coming from your crawl space. Anything in that air, including mold spores, odors, and humidity - is all brought up into your home. Cleaning your crawl space will eliminate a highly significant source of allergens in your home, while also creating a healthier environment.

City of Lawrenceville History


Incorporated on December 15, 1821, exactly three years to the day after the formation of Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville is the county seat and second oldest city in Greater Atlanta. She is named in honor of Captain James Lawrence, the War of 1812 naval commander who gave his crew one of American history’s most memorable fighting orders: “Tell the men to fire faster and not to give up the ship; fight her till she sinks!" Though Commander Lawrence died from battle wounds a few days later, the City of Lawrenceville thrived. From the first hearty stock of settlers who lived off the land, citizens of Lawrenceville have long taken pride in establishing and fashioning a strong, viable community.



Lawrenceville Mayor - Judy Jordan Johnson

70 South Clayton Street
P.O. Box 2200
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

(770) 963-2414


Lawrenceville Water Department

70 South Clayton Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

(770) 963-2414



Gwinnett Medical Center – Lawrenceville

1000 Medical Center Blvd

Lawrenceville, GA

(678) 312-1000


SummitRidge Hospital

250 Scenic Hwy S

Lawrenceville, GA

(678) 442-5800


Water damage is not limited to floors or walls . Sometimes ,  you can fix the water damage yourself . However , proffessionals can handle the

situation to its fullest , and if the promblem is real severe a professinal restoration is needed to disenfect and sanitilize affected areas to prevent unhealthy conditions.                                                                                                                                                                                        FloodExpress gives you 24/7 ememergency services so that you may call us anytime/anywhere you need us for your water damage needs such as Water Damage Restoration or Water Damage repair.

Water damage can cause bacteria which can also cause mold and mildew within a few hours. This can cause odor in your living area .

Water damage side affects are dangerous for many of us.Thats why you should call us ASAP.



Whatever the sources of the water damage in your home/office in Lawrenceville leaving you with a wet carpet , wet floor ,musky smell . Let the professinals give you a free estimate on removing unhealthy living conditions .                                                                                             FloodExpress  will deploy a certified technician right away(Express) to help you with clean up and sanitizing .


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WARNING: When your walls and floor are wet there is a risk of electrical shock . If raw sewage is involved theres a bio hazard risk . In both cases you should wait for a professional to arrive .Elders and children should be secured in a uncontaminated room. We are available for frozen and busted pipes with crawlspce flooding due to the weather in Lawrenceville.​