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The only good thing a google search will give you on Water Damage Restoration in  College Park, GA  is a listing of restoration companies, nevertheless  your challange will be choosing a company that is best for project. I'm just going to give you a hint : Choose a best local company with a local phone number.

​water Damage Restoration in Buford: can be easily handled by our team of dedicated pros. Our specialists clean and restore all types of flooring  including carpenters laminates tiles and hardwood. We handle all types of cleanups and water extraction. Whether your house has been flooded by rain water or has a broken and/or busted pipe our team of professionals can be seamlessly extract the water and cleanup the damage. 

IN FLOODING  situation at home, business or commercial property, no matter of the source from a storm, rain, toilet overflow, sewage backup, busted pipe, frozen pipe or jut a leaking pipe  the water damage restoration or water cleanup ( clean up) team starts first with water extraction to limit the damage 
We are AVAILABLE 24/7 Servicing Atlanta GA and suburbs. 

Water damage is not limited to floors or walls . Sometimes,  you can fix the water damage yourself . However, professionals can handle the situation to its fullest, and if the promblem is real severe a professional restoration is needed to disenfect and sanitilize affected areas to prevent unhealthy conditions. FloodExpress gives you 24/7 ememergency services so that you may call us anytime/anywhere you need us for your water damage needs such as Water Damage Restoration or Water Damage repair. Take an advantage of our guarantee NO CRAZY FEES, NO MONEY DOWN,  $0 UPFRONT on your deductible for ALL OUR CUTOMERS.  We understand the devastation, and frustration that comes with the water damage in your home or business property.  Our EXPRESS WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION is the process of restoring your property back to pre-loss condition after sustaining any level of water damage in a timely manner. Water damage can cause bacteria which can also cause mold and mildew within a few hours. This can cause odor in your living area . Water damage side affects are dangerous for human health.


Whatever the sources of the water damage in your home/office in  Milton leaving you with a wet carpet, wet floor, musky smell. Let the professionals give you a free estimate on removing unhealthy living conditions .    

The best way to limite the water damage to your home is to have an EXPRESS WATER REMOVAL also call an EXPRESS WATER EXTRACTION. This  is very important to elimimate the time for the flood water to permeate toyour walls, hardwood floors, furniture and even the structure of the house.   


Some floods or water Damages are just dengerous as sewage and must be taken as an emergency, they are nasty and reeks of odor.  Also contains bacteria and viruses which can cause diseases. Please Call 404-400-2509 for immediate solution.






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Busting water pipes are a major concern when winter temperatures drop below freezing. Surprisingly, freezing pipes don't burst because of ICE expending in place.  Instead,  has to do with presuure inside the pipes; As the the ice expands inside the pipes, it pushes water toward the closed focet. This causes an immense amount of pressure to build between the ice blockage and the faucet - Eventually, the pipe ruptures under the pressure, usually at a spot where there's little or no ice.

No homeowner ever wants to discover a water pipe has bust, since the leaking water may do a significant amount of damage to the surrounding area and the fix may be very expensive.

It is important to keep water flowing through pipes during cold weater. If pipes burst due to freezing, homeowners may want to shut off the main water supply to minimize future water damage and call a professional plumber as soon as possible to find the leak and call FloodExpress to extract  the water, dry out your home and repair the damage.