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The only good thing a google search will give you on Water Damage Restoration in Acworth, GA  is a listing of restoration companies, nevrtheless  your challange will be choosing a company that is best for project. I'm just going to give you a hint : Choose a best local company with a local phone number.

​water Damage Restoration in Acworth: can be easily handled by our team of dedicated pros. Our specialists clean and restore all types of flooring  including carpenters laminates tiles and hardwood. We handle all types of cleanups and water extraction. Whether your house has been flooded by rain water or has a broken and/or busted pipe our team of professionals can be seamlessly extract the water and cleanup the damage. 

IN FLOODING  situation at home, business or commercial property, no matter of the source from a storm, rain, toilet overflow, sewage backup, busted pipe, frozen pipe or jut a leaking pipe  the water damage restoration or water cleanup ( clean up) team starts first with water extraction to limit the damage 
We are AVAILABLE 24/7 Servicing Atlanta GA and suburbs and  our Specialities are: water damage cleanup and Repair, Emergency flood cleanup, water extraction and  Flood Cleanup Acworth GA, water damage restoration, mold remediation and mold prevention, sewage cleanup, sewage backup cleanup ( clean up), frozen pipe water cleanup, busted pipe water cleanup, flood cleanup, FLOODED BASEMENT, LEAKY ROOF


Some floods or water Damages are just dengerous as sewage and must be taken as an emergency, they are nasty and reeks of odor.  Also contains bacteria and viruses which can cause diseases. Please Call 404-400-2509 for immediate solution.



Water Damage Restoration Acworth: Water damage is not limited to floors or walls . Sometimes ,  you can fix the water damage yourself . However, professionals can handle the situation to its fullest, and if the promblem is real severe a professional restoration is needed to disenfect and sanitilize affected areas to prevent unhealthy conditions. We are available for busted pipes and flooding due to the weather.

 FloodExpress gives you 24/7 ememergency services so that you may call us anytime/anywhere you need us for your water damage needs such as Water Damage Restoration or Water Damage repair. Take an advantage of our guarantee NO CRAZY FEES, NO MONEY DOWN,  $0 UPFRONT on your deductible for ALL OUR CUTOMERS.  We understand the devastation, and frustration that comes with the water damage in your home or business property.  Our EXPRESS WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION is the process of restoring your property back to pre-loss condition after sustaining any level of water damage in a timely manner. Water damage can cause bacteria which can also cause mold and mildew within a few hours. This can cause odor in your living area .

Water damage side affects are dangerous for many of us.Thats why you should call us ASAP.



 Whatever the sources of the water damage in your home/office in Acworth leaving you with a wet carpet , wet floor ,musky smell . Let the professionals give you a free estimate on removing unhealthy living conditions .  

The best way to limite the water damage to your home is to have an EXPRESS WATER REMOVAL also call an EXPRESS WATER EXTRACTION. This  is very impotant and will cut the time for the flood water to permeate to walls, hardwood floors, furniture and even the structure of the house                                                                                           


 According to FloodSmart.gov  everyone is a risk  or experience a flood. Flooding can happen anywhere,to help communities understand their risk,flood maps (Flood Insurance Rate Maps,FIRMs) have been created to show the locations of hig-risk,moderate-to-low risk.

in the past 5 years,all 50 states have experienced floods or flash floods.Everyone lives in a flood zone.(for more information, vist floodsmart.gov,flood zones FAQs.)

Most home owners does not cover flood damage; Take time review your policy  with your insurer .Just a few inches of water from a flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.


FloodExpress  will deploy a certified technician right away (Express) to help you with clean up and sanitizing .


6 steps to a water damage restoration:


1 Emergency Team contact

2 Inspection and Damage Assessment

3 Water Removal or Water Extraction

4 Drying,Dehumidification and monitering

5 Repair and Restoration

6 Cleaning


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WARNING: When your walls and floor are wet there is a risk of electrical shock . If raw sewage is involved theres a bio hazard risk . In both cases you should wait for a professional to arrive .Elders and children should be secured in a uncontaminated room.







Water Damage Statistics:

According to the American Insurance Association, Water damage claims have been growing faster than other components of homeowners insurance:

-Almost 40 percent of all hmeowners have said that thay have experienced loss from water damage

-About 93 percent of all water damage can be prevented

-250 gallons of water is released a day due to a1/8- inch crack in pipe.

-Toilets leaks can account for up to 300 gallons a day of lost water a day without anybody noticing the leakage.

FloodExpress, Plumbing Dept, Eric Flint

Water Damage Prevention Tips :

Independence day July 4TH : According to AAA almost 40 millions Americans will travel.  If your are home Owner or you Own an office space,and you are heading off on vacation for more than just a few days, you should probably shut off your water in the main valve before leaving your home .You dont have to do much else to your pipes. When you come back from your vaccation, just turn the main valve back on.

FloodExpress, Flood Dept, George Janovsky.


Hurricane season is officially here ; Last September hurricanes Irma and Maria wrought widespread damage in Georgia, in fact , the most damage ever caused by a hurricane is water, not wind. In Acworth, Georgia and nearby areas, thousands of homes and business  are damage by storms and floods on a yearly basis. Of course, natural disasters aren't the only cause of water damage to your home of business  but plumbing failures are as you know water is a blessing but it also can be a destructive force that can damage or sweep away anything in its path. When you've had a flood or standing water in your home or business, get professional help. Hire the best water damage restoration services in Acworth. Floodexpress is an award-winning company, locally-owned, with 24/7 live calls at your door within 50 minutes. Also, we office a free moisture inspection, direct insurance billing.